September 28th, 2020, a cutting-edge online platform for presenting assembly instructions in 3D, has left early access and is accepting new customer sign ups.

Following over 2 years of development, closed beta testing and an Early Access period, has opened up registration to new customers. Powered by the latest WebGL technology, Cadasio introduces a new way of presenting assembly and service instructions online in 3D.

Having worked in the industry for many years we recognised how difficult it was for businesses to easily produce attractive and functional assembly instructions. The existing tools were expensive and hard to use, with Cadasio you don’t need any previous CAD knowledge or expensive equipment to create incredible interactive 3D instructions from the design team’s native CAD files. said Stephen Draper, Director.

Existing CAD data can be imported either by uploading a file or directly via addins for popular applications such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Onshape.

Files can then be manipulated to create animated step by step assembly instructions which can be published online. End users can access instructions via a web link, by scanning a QR code generated by Cadasio or by embedding them into your own webpage.

We have all struggled understanding flat pack furniture instructions, as good as they are, they present a fixed perspective. Imagine you get stuck on step 4 because the printed instructions do not make it clear where an item should go. When the instructions are presented in Cadasio you can rotate around step 4 and zoom in and out to really make sure that it’s clear what you need to do. continued Draper.

This offers numerous advantages to manufacturers. Not only does Cadasio allow them to quickly repurpose existing files, it allows for quicker design and creation of technical communication. This is vital in reducing the time to market for new products and reducing printing costs, helping become more sustainable.

Cadasio offers a free plan for those looking to try the software out, with a competitively priced Professional version starting at just $50 per month.

About Cadasio

Founded by Stephen Draper and Tim Claridge, Cadasio plans to revolutionise the presentation of assembly instructions by offering an affordable, easy to use platform for the creation and publication of interactive manuals that can be embedded into websites, accessed via QR codes and viewable on computers, tablets and mobiles.

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